Sandlewood Reforestation

This Article on native Hawaiian sandalwood was originally published in Hana Hou, the Hawaiian Airlines Magazine. Mark Hanson who is discussed later in the article, operates a native tree farm and provided some very young sandalwood trees and a koa tree to plant at Hale Kupukupu. The koa at Hale KupuKupu is over six feet tall now but started out at about eight inches tall when it was planted. The koa is the only survivor of about six that were planted; the rest were eaten by local cows who find the shoots on the baby trees a delicacy. So far all of the sandalwoods have survived but they are very slow growing. We are trying to reintroduce some of the native trees to the property that were logged out of the area many many years ago but belong there in the rainforest. Hopefully this can help establish a local seed source so the forest can heal. We are also slowly trying to eradicate and control some of the invasive exotic plants that were introduced but don’t belong there. Here is the link to the article:

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